Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tradition at the Mission

     Last night, we made our annual pilgrimage to The Mission Inn to enjoy the Festival of Lights. 

     Now let me begin by telling you that our family outings fall in likeness somewhere between The Grizwalds and Parenthood (that movie with Steve Martin, you know the one).  There is a 100% chance of something crazy happening, but like a roller coaster, you just have to learn to enjoy the ride.

    As fate would have it, this particular outing began just as one would expect.  "Short Stack" freaked out because I opened the car door for her instead of "The Boss."  I'm often short on patience when it comes to such trivial matters, but "the Boss" quickly reeled us back in.  She's the queen of diplomacy amongst everything else in our house.


     With our first crisis averted, we unknowingly moved on to the next.  "Tall Stack" had been so excited about ice skating at the outside ice rink that The Mission has set up just across the street.  She talked about it all day and couldn't wait to hit the ice.  Turns out, the session was sold out and no one else would be permitted to skate for another two hours.  As ten year old girls do, "Tall Stack" proceeds to let her disappointment avalanche to a state of devastation.  Once again, the quick thinking "Boss" persuades her to go to the little shop which claims to have the best cup of hot chocolate in the world. Hey, they're right.  Holy Crap that's a tasty cup of hot chocolate.

     With everyone finally as Holly Jolly as Burl Ives after a cup or two of the adult variety egg nog, we hopped on a horse driven wagon for a ride around the Inn with some good friends of ours who we hadn't seen for quite a spell.  All in all, it was a perfect evening. 

     These are the moments which remind me of just how thankful I am.  They remind me that now is the best time of my life.  They remind me of what "The Boss" has been telling me all along.  "Just enjoy the ride." 

     Are you enjoying the ride?





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