Friday, October 9, 2009

A Little Justice

So, today I saw a Lamborghini get pulled over by the Highway Patrol.  I don't know the driver of the car, and I'm sure he's probably a nice enough guy, but as I drove by him I giggled a little.  I giggled because in a way I felt like justice had been served.  Not because this guy had been driving too fast or perhaps because the officer just wanted to get a closer look at the car.  No, justice had been served for those of us who work our butts off and still don't have the means to be able to afford such a beautiful automobile.  In the end, no harm done I suppose.  I got a good laugh at the way my mind works and the driver of that car can afford to pay the fine.  Welcome to, "My Process."

1 comment:

  1. I don't think I'd ever buyone of those. For various reasons of course.
    1. I could never afford it.
    2. Even if I COULD afford it, I wouldn't buy it...too much money, it'd make me feel guilty as hell.
    3. If I drove it the way it was supposed to be driven, I'd get a ticket.
    4. Then people would giggle, laugh and point at me because I DID get a ticket.

    There is something not quite dignified in seeing a machine such as that pulled over.

    And there is something deep down that makes it very rewarding to watch.