Thursday, October 29, 2009

Research Is Complete And Now It's Time To Do

     A few days ago I posted a similar picture brought to you by the nice folks over at Google Earth of this hill that I all of a sudden after 4 years of living in my house at the base of, feel compelled to climb.  Today, I revisit this topic because this is how important it has become. 

     Yesterday, I was hanging out with a dear friend of mine who grew up under the shadow of this hill.  I told him that I was going to climb to the summit just to prove to myself that I can do it and to make the damn thing quit taunting me every time I am out and about in town.  There is nowhere in town that I can go to be out of its sight.  A quick moment passes with no response, but then he says to me with I smile, "I've done it.  I've done it a handful of times and it is awesome up there.  Just do yourself a favor and don't go up there on a day where there is even the slightest hint of a breeze down here. Because if there is a breeze down here it is wicked windy up there."   At this point we get into my truck, (it's a dark blue GMC Sierra with custom wheels, a billet grill and a snug top on the back for those who are trying to keep the paint of their mental picture fresh) and drive around the neighborhood and up into the hills to the east of this rocky peak to get a look from all angles.

     So here we are, the research is complete, I have exploited every angle that Google Earth has to offer, I have gone into the field to see it with the naked eye.  The time for preparing and just talking about it have faded into the shadows.  Now....... Now is the time to start doing.  When I say now, I don't actually mean right this minute, I do have to go to work today.  I say now as in, now it's a plan and not just an idea.  I am going to invite my friend Mark to join me for a number of reasons.  He is an extreme outdoorsman, he has a new Canon EOS T1I that will shoot this endeavor in full 1080p, and I think that he would enjoy this just as much as I will.

     Will you stay tuned to see the real life pictures taken from the peak?  Do you think I can do this?  Do I think I can do it?  Let's just go for it! 



  1. Let me know when. Like I posted on your previous blog. I will have pops hook u up with the keys to the gate. Hell... If you don't mind my rudeness. I would like to go if you guys kick that hill in its ass!!! Its been like 15 years at least since I last did it. G

  2. Is that snow at the peak? Do you hike regularly? I know you can do it! (Maybe take some shorter hikes to warm up.)

  3. Thats AWESOME!!! I'm so excited to see pics!!! Good luck!!! :):):):):):):):):)

  4. Let's figure out when we can go and do this. I'm starting to figure out this almighty powerful camera and am sure we can get some great pictures. Thunder can come along and go for help if we don't make it :)

  5. G, I will let you know when. Thunder and I are working on what day would be best.

    Jen, It's not snow, it's bare rock on the peak of another hill right next to the one that wont stop tormenting my psyche.

    Sharon, I'm looking forward to the pictures too.
    Mark, you tell me when you are available and I will make my schedule work around that date.