Monday, October 26, 2009

Never Wonder

     A few months ago, I decided to actually LIVE my life.  Nothing drastic, no affairs, no new sports cars, no Hair Club for Men.  Just live life like I want to.  Let's be realistic though, I am a married man with two young daughters, so to rephrase, I am going to live my life like I want to with frequent stops to compromise.  Because let's face it, little girls aren't always going to like my ideas. 

     My new found liberation has started with small steps.  For instance, I have been trying a lot of different foods that you don't find on a lot of mainstream menus.  I had cow tongue tacos not too long ago and let me tell you , once you get past the fact that it looks like cubed cow tongue, it is absolutely delicious.  I tried cabeza (cow head) tacos as well.  I guess what that is is just the muscle tissue around the skull of the cow.  Equally as delicious and equally as disturbing as the tongue tacos.  I tried pickeled herring the other day too.  That tastes exactly how you think it would taste, not delicious but not horrible either.  I wont be rushing to Costco to buy the 10 gallon jar of it any time soon. Next will be menudo.  My friends laugh at me because I have been talking about it for months and still haven't done it.  Why do these things?  I want to do these things so that I can say that I did these things.  I never want to wonder what something is like as long as I have the ability to find out on my own.

     My latest endeavor is this hill back behind my house.  Lately, when I pull out of the driveway, this hill seems to stare down at me as if to be challenging me.  I see you standing there with your tall vertical peak and I don't think you know who you're dealing with.  You are no Everest that's for sure.  You are a miniscule 1600 feet and I will stand on your summit one day soon. 

     So many of us are living just to work.  We go to work, we come home to eat and sleep just to go back to work the next day.  What are we ants?  Are we bees?  This just seems like such an incredible waste of what could potentially be an amazing existence.  I'm not saying we all need to quit our jobs and meander through life without any cares or responsibilities (but that would be cool right?).  What I am saying is that if we change our herd mentality and we work to live instead of live to work, we might have a lot more fun. 

     I challenge you my friends, to get out there and LIVE your lives, really LIVE it.  Never wonder what could have been when instead you can say, "remember when?" 


  1. awesome attitude... Horrid menu!! eeps... my stomach was rolling at the thought of it. But Maybe its just because I don't eat meat. or.. maybe its because the thought of eating tongue has always.. just... ewww... tasting something that could taste you back :P

    I saw yuo over at Nat The Fat Rat and you said you only had 7 followers. Odd numbers have never been my friend... so I came over for a visit :) I think I'll stay a while.

  2. Welcome to my little blog that wishes it could Sharon. Eeps indeed, it took a lot of mental preparation to eat that tongue, but now I can say I ate tongue, I tried the unfamiliar and lived to talk about it.

  3. I'll get those gate keys so we can access that hill easier rather then walking all the way around. G