Saturday, October 31, 2009

Truth or Chocolate?

     2000 years ago what we know as Ireland, England and northern France today, was the Celtic Empire. It was believed that the 1st day of    November marked the end of the harvest and the last days of Summer.  Soon would come the cold days of winter.  Samhain, believed to be the God of Death would allow on this one day of the year, all of the souls of those who had left the earth, to return to their homes.  This of course terrified the people who would run into the fields to stear clear of the ghosts and goblins that were sure to inhabit their homes and town centers and mini malls and Starbucks.

     Now, somehow  throughout the course of the 2000 years that have gone by, the tradition has been distorted and reshaped into something that..................well something that scores me a lot of chocolate.  So, get those kids into their Hannah Montana costumes and send them out there into the world with their pillow cases and well versed chants about  smelling feet which apparently makes them hungry, hungry for only something good to eat.  Get out there and make Samhain proud........ I can't wait to do quality control on the chocolate goods...........What?  You have to run several tests to make sure that the candy is good. Right?  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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  1. I can't believe how much candy my daughter brought home this year!
    I love Halloween and decorate the hosue up right. Although I have to say I was so dissppointed in the costumes this year. And for many, the lack thereof...

    Next year, there will be the big candy bars (yeah, I give out full size!) for the good costumes, and yuck penny candy for the other ones!