Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blog About Nothing

     When you write a blog that pretty much talks about nothing, one would think that the bar is set pretty low, and the expectations would be even lower.  Safe to assume right?

     Day in and day out, I manage to get something posted on my little Seinfeldian blog about nothing in particular, with pictures that pertain to that nothing in particular in one way or another.  For a while this has been a pretty successful approach, that is until a few days ago.

     Ever since I decided to write that book, I have drawn a complete blank when it comes to writing anything at all.  The quality of my blog about nothing in particular is beginning to decline, (I didn't think that could be possible), the pictures that pertain to my blog about nothing in particular don't seem to be having the same pop or relevance that they normally would.  What is going on?  Could it be that I have spooked myself with the thought of writing a book?  Fear is a writer's worst enemy, Stephen King even said so himself.  I have the ideas, I have them all lined up in my mind, that is until I sit in front of the keyboard.  This is when my mind starts moving much faster than my fingers can type.  The thoughts that seemed so clear to me 5 minutes ago start to look like sdpfwpwdtmprq erdgtwnrpgpwreutepgdnwerhgh as soon as I try to put anything down. 

     Does this happen to you?  Is this just part of the writing process that I am not accustomed to?  Please tell me that this will pass and that at the end of it these thoughts will flow freely to paper.  Please tell me that this blog about nothing in particular will continue to be fun and that the groove will come back.  Of course it will, this is ridiculous. 

     The book has a forward by the way.  It's a full page now, which doesn't sound like much, I know.  I have had to rewrite a few times just because I would think of better ways of saying what I wanted to say.  I guess this is  part of the process too.

     Thanks for lending an ear.  I will be back with better stuff soon, you can rest assured.  Goodnight.





  1. Ahhhh, the ol' writers block.
    But on a blog? Nah. This is just for fun! Just a way to put ideas onto paper...at least that's what I do. It's like being a columnist without the pay.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. See, you've a post that was interesting to explain your thoughts of nothing!

  2. f8hasit is right. If you use the blog for fun it just might take off some pressure of writing your book. Sound advice from a wanta-be author...

  3. I do not write for a living but hang out with some people that do. One idea that I have heard from a person that I know that writes is... have a tape recorder next to the bed and set the alarm for 2 am or something like that and start muddling stuff into the tape recorder. I thought wow that is odd.

    Another idea that this person shared with me is to surround yourself with what it is you are writing about. Whatever it is you want to write about ... be around that.... alot. People, places and events.

    I hope that helps you!

    Best regards,
    Tom Bailey

  4. John.... Keep up the great work buddy. I always look forward to your updates. Amazing what that nut shell up there of yours comes up with. Knowing you. Like everything else you do. You will conquer this. Like the famous 90's shirts said " No fear'!!!!!!!! G

  5. Happens to me all the time. I have stuff running through my head but when it's time to write my post for the evening, it takes me hours to get it out.

    Good luck with the book.

  6. You're definitely not alone in the blogger's block. But you're still sharing interesting stuff w/ us, so thank you! : )

  7. You guys are right. The blog is all for fun. It is to keep the writing going, no doubt. It just seems that since I started the book, the creative juices have stopped flowing so freely. It's coming back slowly today, I think anyway. I'll get through it. Thanks for the support and the good advice.

  8. I think the best advice I heard was not to rewrite until the first draft is complete. You'll end up writing the same page 20 times and make no progress.

  9. I have read that too Jen. I just have to write no matter what and fix it on the rewrite. I'm on it.

  10. Hi John. I just found your blog frnm your profile. I looked for it before when you first starting follwoing me but I don't think it was listed. Anywho, glad to be here and thanks for yesterday's comment. As for this post, I totally understand what you mean. My Inner Critic will do anything and everything to keep me from moving forward. I just try to ignore it and keep writing without thinking. I try to keep the "pen" moving. At the end of the writing session, I may have a page full of garbagem BUT it is better than a blank page anyday. Good luck and I look forward to reading more about your process on this blog! - G