Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yodle Eh Heeee Hooo!

     Sometimes we find ourselves walking on unstable ground.  Heart rate slightly elevated, we press on, leading our followers into potentially harmful territory.  After a peroid of time, familiarity tends to mask the potential hazards and the elevated heart rate becomes the norm. The thought of searching for a more stable foundation on which to walk never seems to occur to us because we are so focused on  tiptoeing through the self induced road blocks of our every day lives.

     When the ground that we walk on finally gives way and begins to crumble around us, we have one of two choices to make as I see it.  We can ignore it and keep going like a man who refuses to stop for directions, because admitting that a wrong turn has been made would be too harmful to his pride.  Or, the second and much wiser decision would be to get ourselves and our followers out of the path of the avalanche before it completely consumes us all.

     If what I am talking about sounds completely stupid, it is.  If you think I am talking to you, I am.  I wont pretend to have all of the answers or to even be wiser than anyone else.  I include myself in this and my own poor decisions too.  I just think that our time here on earth is so short that we should be doing everything we can possibly do to make sure that we live it to the fullest and spend as little time being unhappy or angry as we can.

      We are never alone.  There is always someone who is willing to help push us in the right direction.  Our loving families, our loyal friends, trained professionals, you get the idea.

    You are never as hopeless as you feel.  You are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.  I even believe that to a certain degree you control your own destiny. 

     Get out there and create some happiness for yourself for crying out loud.






  1. All right.
    I will.
    (or at least try...)

    Love the post. Inspiration that I need to remind myself of daily. Thank you!

    Hey, and John...shoot me a e-mail. I have some html to give you that goes along with your being singled out this week. nancy_mcdonnell@yahoo.com

  2. Nice! Love this, as this my resolution for the New Year! I am so glad I found your wonderful blog, and thank you for the inspiring post!

  3. Nancy: e-mail sent. Thanks

    Teresa: Thanks for the kind words. I dig your blog too. I'm glad I was able to inspire a bit.

  4. You are talking to me aren't you? And that dog is looking at me, too.

  5. Yes Sir!! Now where to begin. Does sitting on the porch, sipping coffee and watching the squirrels play in the trees, count?

  6. It absolutely does count, Heather. In fact, I wish there was a squirrel filled tree near my house so that I could do the same.