Friday, December 11, 2009

The Tangled Webs She Weaves

     Yesterday, I went outside to deck the house with Christmas lights.  I'm a bit late to the show this year, but there's been a lot of the plate so cut me a little slack.  The truth about me is that I am not very organized, but when it comes to my Christmas lights, I am as precise as a surgeon.  The outdoor lights spend their 11 month slumber neatly placed in their own storage box in the garage.  A place for every bulb and every bulb in its place because I would hate to have to deal with a tangled disaster next December. 

     The box was open, I had my high powered staple gun ready to rock and the lights were well on their way to showtime.  There is one shrub in front of the house where 2 sets of hands come in, well, handy I guess.  The shrub is close to the side of the house so I usually stand on one side and hand the strand of lights to my wife on the other side and together we wrap the lights around said shrub. 

     Things were going very well, that is until the wifey came around the shrub and handed me what looked like an electrical nightmare.  This is not how I handed them to her between the wall and the green leaves less than 12 seconds ago.  No, what I handed her 12 seconds ago was as well organized as a perfectly rolled up garden hose.  The picture above is what was returned to me, delivered with a guilty and apologetic smile followed by an outburst of laughter from both of us.  "What the Hell is this, Griswald?" I asked once I was able to breathe and the cramp in my side had given way to the tears rolling down my face.  She had no explanation for what had happened and was saved by the ringing of her cell phone.  Off she scampered, and there I stood alone with my bulbs and wires.  THANKS HONEY! MErry christm....................




  1. Unbenounced to me, my usually orgainzied 'Christmas light Rubbermaid' somehow got dumped from last January until the other day...I opened the lid and where my little rolled bundles of electricity usually are was replaced with piles of wires and broken bulbs. I tried to make sense of it, but after pulling 3 strands that didn't pass the light up test, I just went and bought new ones.

    What happened? Haven't a clue. No ones fessed up...yet. But we have ways to find out...oh, yes we do.


  2. LOL! Well at least she tried to help!

  3. I have never dealt with a strong of Christmas lights that wasn't a big ball of tangled mess. I thought that was just part of the deal. I'm siding with your wife!

  4. It's a bit scary that you box your lights neatly. I can't even get my sleeping bag rolled up into the original carrying case. Packing lights in their boxes must be nigh impossible.

  5. She doesn't understand the ins and outs of these things!

  6. I can repack the sleeping bag,the ornaments are nestled in their original boxes...the lights are always a tangled mess...I can't deal with them any more...I'm buying a prelit tree.

  7. Stephanie: It's a big Rubbermaid box. The lights don't go back in their own boxes. That would be scary.

    Dreamfarm: The tangled mess is just part of the deal. Try as I might, there is always an issue.

    Jen: We got the prelit. We do miss the smell of dying pine in the house but it's mess free and it's set up in just minutes. Do it!