Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Haunted By The Holiday Spirit

     So today, I got up early as planned.  Wifey just about jumped out of her socks to see me out of bed so early on my day off, knowing that it is not my day to get up with the kids, which means getting our oldest off to school.  How I was able to pull it off is a mystery, but I never question a good thing.  See, I was up on time because we had planned the night before to go out this morning to get all of the Christmas shopping done.  We shopped and shopped.  And when we were done with that, we shopped some more.  All the while I pretended to enjoy it.  Target, BevMo (that was fun), Costco, Toy R Us, Baby's R Us.  Truth is, I didn't care where we were or what we were doing, I just missed hanging out with my wife.  Life has been so hectic with work and the kids and so on, that we seemed to have forgotten about each other lately.  What a perfect day, just to be able to enjoy one another's company.  Not to mention that 95% of the shopping is done.

     We managed to get the Christmas tree all set up tonight too.  Quite a festive turn of events considering that both of us have been so burried in our work and soccer games and school events and so on.  And that's when it happened.  The explosion of laughter that came from the area of this very computer was deafening.  It seems that wifey had posted on Facebook that we had spent the day shopping together.  Some of my friends have since caught wind of this info and are not very pleased about what I have done to the sacred bond of manhood.  I have broken a cardinal rule, it's true.  I did it knowing that the risk was great and that the chances of escaping without incident were slim.  I was called out in public.  A slight breeze picked up at the gallows confirming only that I would swing like a pendulum when the verdict was read and the execution was well, executed.  I faught the good fight, I tried to plead my case.  It was no good, I had put us all in a bad spot and surely justice had to be served.  If I had done it, then there would be no doubt that the rest would be expected to do the same.  The bond was broken, the circle of trust had been infiltrated by evil.  I took my lumps, I paid the price, AND I ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!  Sorry guys, I'll see you at the poker game on Friday right?..........Guys?......Hello?...........Shit!


  1. the password has been changed to our sacred man cave my btw I do the same thing. can't stand shopping. but I wouldn't pass up a day with the wifey as well. G

  2. I mention that I hate shopping and my girlfriends tell me, "There's something wrong with you." I spent one hour today and that was about all I could stand - and that was only because I wanted some new accessories for tonight. If I don't need something, I ain't going.

    They have to give you some's the rules...but secretly they are jealous...

  3. LOL LOL LOL!!! You are too much!
    A day well worth the punishment!!

  4. so great that you enjoyed a day shopping for christmas presents with your wife. those guys are just jealous.

  5. Hi! There is an award for you on my blog:)