Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just Listen

     Here, in my little blog that wishes it could, I tend to do a lot of talking about nothing.  In the real world believe it or not, I am a man of very few words.  I spend a lot of time observing what is going on around me and laughing about it.  Have you ever consciously taken the opportunity to shut up and just listen to what people say when they don't know that others are listening?  There's the know it all, " I told them but they wont listen to me."  The do it all, "I have to do everything around here and the rest of them don't do shit."  This one cracks me up the most because we all think that we do more than everyone else and yet there is still so much to do.  If we all do it all then why the Hell isn't it done?  The badass, "They know not to mess with me because I will go off!"  Yep, you're a 59 year old woman with a bad haircut and an obvious limp.  "They" obviously know when "They" are outmatched.  The road rager (this one is me 100%)  " Dammit, why are you sitting in my blind spot?  Get off the damn phone idiot!  You should know that I want to get over even though my signal isn't on!"  The rich guy's wife, "....................................." she doesn't say anything because she doesn't have to, and how dare you look at her even though she is wearing next to nothing and her fake rack is defying gravity.  Get over yourself Barbie, you're not that big a deal.  The do gooder, "Here, let me give you a hand with that."  Why is this guy so underappreciated and often considered annoying?  Is it just me?

     There are so many different kinds of people, and yet we are all so much alike.  Take a few minutes in the mall or the grocery store or amusement park the next time you think about it and just watch and listen to what is going on around you.  I promise you will have a good laugh and probably something good to write about.            



  1. I like the way your mind works, so if it's okay, I think I'll hop on for the ride with the others who've already discovered you! Thanks for sharing the inner workings of what so far looks to be a great machine.

  2. welcome aboard Jen. There may be a bit of turbulence up ahead so hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

  3. Great blog:) I think I'm going to "hop on" too!