Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now It's Time

     So the time has finally come.  The Holidays are over so that can no longer be my excuse not to write.

      I have read not one but two books to polish up on some of my writing skills, and two novels just for the hell of it and to steal some ideas from those who are already published.

     On top of all of that, I actually sat through Julie & Julia with my wife tonight which came about in a most humorous fashion.  We went out to dinner at a Teppan Grill for a friend's birthday tonight, (grilled scallops with the steamed rice, grilled vegetables, shrimp and a water with lemon, for those who are trying to paint a mental picture.)  After that we decided to stop by the Red Box to rent a $1 movie.  I made the mistake of letting the boss get out and choose the movie while I stayed in the car to keep an eye on the baby.

     Have I learned nothing over the past 11 years?  Hangover was the movie we had agreed on, but a plan B was never discussed in the event that Hangover wasn't available.

  As it turns out, Hangover was not available and so there we were watching yet another chick flick as a result of my not thinking it through.

     I was not aware that it was a movie about writing and getting published, or not getting published and then getting published.  I hope I didn't wreck it for you.  Anyway, I saw it as an omen and an inspiration to quit coming up with excuses not to write and to just get my ass in gear and do it. 

     I'm starting to outline exactly how the structure of the book is going to be, giving it a skeleton if you will.  Actually having a plan written out is something I am not used to doing.  That has never been my style.  The guys at work call how we do it cowboy style.  we shoot from the hip like gunslingers.  We don't need a plan, we just make it happen.  For years that has worked, and we're damn good too.  But this new endeavor isn't going to work like that.  I have to be focused, I have to be structured and stay on course.  This is going to be one of the biggest challenges I have ever taken on and I can't wait another minute to get going. 

     Happy New Year!



  1. Well, good for you! What is the concept for your book?

  2. Sounds like your completely motivated and focused. Good luck to you, your enthusiasm is shining through. Keep us posted on your journey.

  3. Good luck! (But IMHO, don't use Julie Powell as a muse. I only liked half of Julie and Julia. Can you guess which half? Ms. Powell is a flash in the pan.) You sound serious, dedicated and committed. I hope you keep us up to date on your progress! - G

  4. I am soo going to have to watch that movie!

    Glad your getting something going, like you want.
    Best wishes!

  5. Hey, John! I haven't been by for a while (holidays got the best of me!) and it seems I've missed alot...AWESOME blog...and to say I knew you when...

    Regarding your writing plans...I just thought I'd throw out there that every writer has their own method. You need to maybe mess around and decide what FEELS right to you. If you let the story develop as you go along, that's great. If it helps to have a preliminary outline, do that. But if I learned nothing else from my formal writing workshops etc, I have learned that writing is an art, and you will have your own style...that's what makes it beautiful and fulfilling. Okay, yada, yada...

    Now...go write something!

  6. Thanks Josie. I finally got the ball rolling tonight. I started with a quick 5 minute, write whatever comes to my mind drill. That got the creative juices flowing and I actually got a few hundred words down on the project tonight. Taking a little break now but back to it in a minute. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. I, too, stopped writing through the holidays and have finally hopped back on board.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up on your posts--You are a wonderful writer with great insight and a sense of humor that always gets me laughing enough to look like an idiot alone in the basement when someone always yells down the stairs to ask if I'm okay.

    I am really looking forward to riding along with you on this venture all the way to publication!

  8. I got that movie as a gift for Christmas but haven't watched it yet.
    Is that an omen since you wrote about it?

    Good luck.
    I may just have to follow your lead!

  9. Jen: I'm glad I am able to get you to giggle a bit.

    Nancy: Wait until I'm done with mine before you start a book. If the publishers know you're working on a book they will ignore me. 8)