Friday, January 22, 2010

Ding Dong Ditch 'Em

     One night last week, one of our young neighborhood scoundrels decided it would be funny to ring our doorbell and then take off.  I wasn't home to join in the festivities, but truth be told I had a good laugh when I got the text from The Boss saying that, "Little assholes keep ding dong ditching me."  Apparently  this went on for about an hour or so before The Boss ran outside and yelled "KNOCK IT OFF!"  This solved the problem and the girls went about their evening.

     On Wednesday night, I was home cooking dinner, watching The Hangover and enjoying of all things a little Kahlua with hot chocolate.  I am not particularly fond of Kahlua nor hot chocolate, but when you put the two together it spells G-L-O-R-I-O-U-S.   Suddenly the doorbell rings and we all assume that it's Torrey, one of my daughter's friends who always rings the doorbell when she comes over to play.  But it wasn't Torrey, it wasn't Torrey at all.  It wasn't anybody for that matter.  "Oh it's on" I said as my competitive spirit snapped to attention.  For 20  minutes I stood at the door peeking through the peep hole with my hand on the knob of the unlocked door contemplating my plan of attack should this nocturnal pusher of buttons decide to strike again.

Should I set a bear trap under the doorbell? Should I jump out and scream as loud as I can to scare the crap out of him?  Should I chase him home and make him tell his parents in front of me what he had been doing?  All of these options sounded good.  But which one will best work for me on this night?  I decided to just jump out at him and scream at the top of my lungs.  This was going to be awesome and I was ready for action.  Mike Tyson's tiger was the frozen image on my TV screen as the paused movie waited in anticipation of  what might happen next.  My daughter ran upstairs to look out her window so that she could signal when Operation Poopy Pants was about to commence.

     Perhaps he knew I was waiting for him, or perhaps his mommy called him to eat dinner.  Or maybe although unlikely, he realized that his actions were unjust and uncalled for.  Whatever his logic, he did not return for a second attack and we returned to our dinner and a movie night.

     You are a worthy opponent, little man.  I will catch you one day.  You can rest assured that I will catch you one day, and you will know who the true king of this neighborhood really is.  You can't cheap shot the cheap shot champ, chump!



  1. Awww man you didn't get to get em.

    When I was a kid we had an old black door bell and the culprit of the ring was...a bird!

    "Oh it's on" LOL! Hilarious!

  2. My next door neighbors have 2 kids in high school and 1 in middle school. All are highly involved in sports.
    For some odd reason, their teams don't seem to notice that it's the wrong house they are pulling team pranks on! I've had my house dingdongditched more times than you can count and the house toilet papered on numerous occassions.
    It's pretty funny actually...

    I can just see you standing there waiting. And waiting. And waiting.


    Is Kalua and Hot Chocolate on the diet menu? I want THAT diet!

  3. Oh, wow. LOL. Is it wrong that I'm rubbing my hands together thinking, "Ohhhh, that would be fun to see..."? - G

  4. No, Kahlua and hot chocolate are not on the diet, Nancy. Thanks so much for noticing that I am not very focused. 8) Today I am starting P90X though. That, I am told is going to shred every ounce of unwanted anything from my body. We'll see.

    G, it would be wrong if you knew that I actually had a bear trap set. But since I am only planning on making him poop his pants in fear, I appreciated your encouragement.

  5. Great to see you can still play the kid games with the best of 'em. AND you're allowed to drink kahlua and hot choco. Man, I think you've got it made!

  6. I have an award waiting for you over at my place.