Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Need A Vacation

     There is a place we love to go when it is time to just sit back and do nothing for a few days.  Just about an hour or so north of Santa Barbara along California's central coast.  This well hidden jewel of a getaway is just what the Dr. ordered after a long period of just not giving yourself a break.

     Once you turn off of the main highway and onto Jalama Rd., the world seems to slow down, the stress seems to melt away and thoughts of business, obligations, and responsibilities cease to exist.

     A 14 mile drive down this winding road leads you through some deep wooded areas with the occasional farm house with small crops of colorful flowers, vegetables and fruits ensuring that if you were to become stranded at least you would not starve to death.  Never has 14 miles seemd so far a drive, and never has the first time visitor to this place had such a feeling of going in the wrong direction.  Your surroundings are not what you would imagine in the brochure that you had printed in your own mind.  "Have we made a wrong turn?" you might ask yourself.  "This is clearly not where we are supposed to be."  And then it happens.  Your breathe is taken from you as you make one last long winding turn followed by two or three sharp hairpin turns and up to the top of a steep little hill.

     The beautiful and majestic Pacific, such a contrast to what had been in front of you for the better part of 30 minutes and a confirmation that you have not made a wrong turn.  Jalama Beach is the name of this place and it is one of my favorite places to be.  Miles from the nearest Starbucks or red light at a traffic signal, this is a place where you can completely detach from reality.  Not to mention the famous "Jalama Burger" at the little grill and general store is absolutely amazing.  Though we haven't figured out what makes it so good.  Perhaps it's the fact that there is not another burger joint around for 25 miles.  Whatever the reason, I will tell you that you have not lived until you have had one of those burgers.  I can taste it now as I sit here talking about it.

     Having waited too long again to give ourselves a break, my wife and I are well overdue for a camping trip or a vacation of any type for that matter.  We have been talking about a San Francisco trip, but I think I might have to throw in my vote for a delicious Jalama Burger and a week of just sitting on the beach.

     Oh, and speaking of my wife, she has a new blog that is a must read.  She is a funny and witty mom who has it more figured out than she gives herself credit for, which always makes for a good read.  Check her out at   




  1. Wow. Jalama beach sounds wonderful.

  2. I could totally go for a Jalama Burger right now.

  3. I took a drive like that in northern California once, when we were sure to find the Pacific at some point, but it seemed like the longest drive ever, until there it was like a jewel. You are lucky to have a place like Jalama Beach. Complete with its own burger! I'll check out your wife's blog.

  4. I'm ashamed of my ignorance--I thought Cal. was insanely populated and the few places (such as your Jalama Beach) that still had some beauty, were untouchable to regular people like you and me. I've never had a desire to visit your state, but you've piqued my interest.

  5. I love California, just for the same reason. You can drive away from the city and your in no-mans-land.
    That small stretch of road looks a lot like a small stretch on highway 101 just before or after going into Santa Maria.

    Going to wifies blog now.

  6. Sounds lovely. I need a beach retreat!