Monday, January 25, 2010

I Am Not A Pervert

     I find it neccessary to let you people know that I am not a pervert.  I am not usually in the business of showing my underwear in public, though I must admit that this is not the first time that it has happened.  Nor for that matter can I, in good faith, promise that it will be the last time either. 

     I, like most men in America, am a beer drinkin', football watchin', areas that itch scratchin', nose pickin' and flickin' kind of guy who doesn't invest a lot of time on issues like fashion and apparel.  That is until I discovered the world of Burberry boxers.

     The Boss' cousin is a GM for Burberry in Seattle, and as luck would have it, he drew my name in the cousins gift exchange for Christmas.  Upon opening the gift and discovering that another man had just bought me a pair of boxers for Christmas, I couldn't help but wonder what the thought process was while making the decision to do such a thing.  Was this unlikely gift a last minute purchase while leaving work the night before jumping on his flight to California?  Was this a purchase he had already made for himself and in a last ditch effort to come up with a gift idea for his cousin's husband 1500 miles away, just tossed them in his carry on bag and moved on to his next and certainly more important order of business?  Oh no!  This was not an effortless, thoughtless, last minute gift.  No this was something much more special and much more thoughtful and calculated than I had originally given it credit for.  It wasn't until a day or two later though, that I realized just how great a gift this really was.

     As a kid, you build an image in your mind of what Heaven would be like.  How it looks, how it feels, and hope one day that by the grace of God you are welcomed there when that time comes.  You can scrap that image son, I'm telling you right now.  Heaven is not what you pictured it to be at all.  As it turns out, Heaven is constructed of a high thread count, earth tone and pastel pattern of plaid that feels like billowing  clouds of glory and wonder each and every second that it envelopes the skin.

     I willingly humiliate myself like this today as a public service.  If you do not have a pair of these boxers, I urge you to do yourself a favor and score a pair as soon as you can.  You will thank me for it.

     I know the image above is a disturbing one and I am sorry to have subjected you to such a display without prior warning.  



PS I did all of my own stunts in the making of this blog post.      


  1. You know John, I don't wear boxers, but perhaps I might have to buy some anyway.
    Because I AM a pervert.

  2. For myself...nah...hubby...ok! But if he becomes a Burberry Boxer Monster, I'm blaming you cuz right now, he's happy with whatever I purchase. That's tight the man doesn't even buy his own underwear. If it weren't for me, he'd probably be is not his thing!

  3. I'm sure The Boss is watching us ladies very closly on this one!! LOL! All I'll say is "Nice knees!"

    Hubby is a boxer man also, but he is like Suzicate's hubby. Has no clue what size he is or where they are located in the store.

    If they are that great, then yeah hubby should have some.

  4. It's me The Boss. Cute pic of my hubbys knees, huh? Just so y'all know..he has no idea what size those boxers or any of his undies for that matter ...I do the undies buying on my own!
    He's never even mentioned his boxers til he got these...

  5. I do like to wear men's boxers to sleep in so thanks for the tip!

  6. I too am a beer drinkin', football watchin', areas that itch scratchin', nose pickin' and flickin'...ok maybe not that last one but I am that kind of girl on everything else. I wear my husband's boxers to sleep in and have yet to feel like I have slipped on a piece of heaven. I must own a pair of these boxers you speak of for I am not ashamed to say, I am a pervert!