Friday, November 20, 2009

6 Days

      My computer died.  It completely died.  I bought a new one, a really nice new one.  Come to find out, I needed a new wireless adapter with my new computer.  This means that I had to be without the internet for 6 days.  During this 6 day period, all I could think of was that I needed to write something on my blog.  What am I going to do?  I have the internet on my phone.  Maybe I can post from my phone.  I wont be able to post pics but my followers will understand.  That's it, I will post from my phone.  It's genius!  What?  I can't post from my phone!  There are people waiting for my post.  I'm not an ego maniac or even close to it, but I know how it is when you are looking forward to reading a post and it doesn't come.  A couple of my favorite bloggers don't post on the weekends and it drives me nuts.

     All I want to do is scribble on my blog.  I have so much to say and there is no internet connection in my house.

     Suddenly my heart bleeds for people like Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Ansel Adams, old Bill Shakespere, and Ben Franklin.  The Hell they must have endured for all of those years.  Waiting and waiting through sleepless nights and endless days for their internet connection to come up so that they could post on their blogs.  For years they would wait only to meet their own fate before ever having the chance to post their pics, or read comments from their previous day's post.

     6 days I waited until finally, I was back up and running.  Last night, I sat in front of the keyboard and my new enormous monitor only to draw a complete blank.  So much to say, so many thoughts that have built up over the last 6 days, what do I say first?  Nothing.........Nothing at all.  I went to sleep disappointed in myself for not having it all planned out.  Do I talk about the holidays looming on the horizon?  Do I talk about how my lack of any sort of relationship with my father has been poking the back of my mind lately?  Do I talk about and post my friend's pictures which are completely amazing?  So many options, so much anticipation, 6 days of wanting so badly to write only to come up with nothing?  It's all there and I can't put it in any sort of order at the moment.  I guess this post can be considered my, "Hi, I'm back" post,  and tomorrow perhaps I will have it all sorted out. 



  1. I feel ya. I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago - my internet was down for almost a week. Thankfully I could text to the friends I missed while I was unconnected. And I don't have nearly the followers you do, so it wasn't so much a worry about my readers as it was my need to write. But I did come up with some pretty interesting posts after the enforced sabbatical, so I'm sure you'll do the same! ; )

  2. Sometimes on the weekends that I'm out of town I want to run to the computer and blog, but I don't want to tell my real world friends to go away so I can write. I wonder if anyone even cares that I didn't post one day, or if it annoys them when I post every day.

    Welcome back.

  3. At first I kind of felt the same way Jen. Then I realized that I write because I love to and I do it whenever I want to. Then when people read what I have to say it kind of blows me away. I am my own biggest critic as is everyone I would imagine. Sometimes when I post, I think to myself, " That wasn't my best work." Then I will get a call from a friend or my mom or whoever and they think it's good stuff. Funny how that works.

    For what it's worth, I look forward to reading your posts and have not been annoyed even once when you post every day.

  4. There was a car that crashed into one of the local hubs that holds all the power that feeds my access to the internet.
    It was horrible!
    Not the accident, but knowing I couldn't access any online accounts...

    Funny how co-dependent I've become to my connections online.
    But I DID get several chapters into those two new books I bought started!

  5. I wondered where you were. Love the image of the old masters bummed out over their downed internet connection!

  6. I can so relate. Was down following a move and forced to park in the library car lot to access WiFi...

  7. When I saw your comment on my post, I thought "hmm, haven't heard from him in awhile".

    Glad to have ya back! Nice scribble!

    I'm sure you'll get back on track real soon. I have gotten to where, when I can't get to my computer, I scribble titles on a notepad. Most of them get thrown out, but it helps me to remember.