Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Covert Operation

     Last night at around 11:57PM under the cover of darkness, I decided to conduct a highly sophisticated and not easily executed covert operation.  I was going to sneak into my 36th birthday hopefully without being noticed and without incident.  Much to my dismay and promptly at 12:00AM, like an angry parent waiting up for a disobedient child to get home long after the previously agreed upon curfew, there it was waiting for me.  There would be no sneaking around, and there would be no getting away with one.  I was caught and the punishment was to be  steep.  Violently, my 35 was taken from me and all that was left in the end was the body of a 36 year old man.  Tattered and torn, I lumbered upstairs and off to bed to sleep off this traumatic event.  I woke up this morning only to realize that the first morning of 36 feels a lot like the last morning of 35.  This might not be so bad, I might actually survive this and come out on the other side smelling like a rose.  An old rose with pedals falling to the soil below perhaps, but fragrant and colorful none the less.  Today, I will spend the day with my family at Disneyland.  It's "The Place" (that's what we call it), the place where we can go as a family to get away from the ho hum and where everything is perfect.  Today, I will use "The Place" as neutral territory, a safe and familiar place to be to get acquainted with my new 36 and hopefully we can come to an understanding that is beneficial to us both.  I wont lie, I am a bit skeptical and apprehensive, but willing to give it a try.

       Today's photo is a picture of the smoke created by my birthday cake as seen by the nice folks up at the International Space Station.  Leave it to NASA to be on top of it huh?


  1. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a GREAT time at "The Place".
    Love you lots
    ~Mom~ :)

  2. Ha! This is a great birthday post! I hope it's a fantastic day with your family. You have almost 4 years on me, so I'll look to you when I need the sage wisdom of one older than I. :)

    I actually stopped by to congratulate you; I'm giving you the One-Minute Writing of the Day award for your response to yesterday's prompt. Congratulations! Consider it a well-earned birthday reward. (Not really a "gift" if you earn it.)

    -C. Beth (The One-Minute Writer)

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I saw the smoke all the way over here in Cleveland!

  4. I hope your day at "The Place" was all you wanted it to be! Happy Birthday!

  5. That was a good one John. Hope you have a great time today. You deserve it. Happy Birthday brother! G

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you had fun w/ Mickey & friends! (and Family!) : )

  7. An absolutely perfect day. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and of course a special thanks to C. Beth for the cherry on top. I got the One Minute Writing of the Day award. Don't worry, I'm not letting that one go to my head. I didn't crank out any War and Peace over there, but I am a big fan of that blog and of C. Beth's skills, and it means a lot to me to get that button.